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pulchritudinouspersona asked:

Hey so you recently blogged a photo of a girl with a vest and pin stripe pants, and a velvet underground tshirt. I was just wondering if that was you in the picture or if you found it from someone? I am trying so hard to find a vest similar to that or even buying it off of the woman wearing it. if you have any questions about the picture im talking about feel free to ask!

Sorry it took so long (if it did take so long) for me yo respond to you. No that is not me in the picture to be honest I can’t remember where I found the picture either. Sorry I couldn’t be more help to you and I’m glad you liked the post.


I took this picture for a class but I thought it was so powerful.

The beautiful girl to the left has struggled with being called slut whore skank ect because she has well double D’s.

Me, on your right, I’ve always been told especially by guys that I need to “grow bigger boobs”.

But we are who we are. She is big and I am small and that should be okay. Don’t let the world tell you what you should look like.

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